FOSSI | Future of STEM Scholars - Year 1 Program Guide Overview

FOSSI Fundamentals of Success 2021-2022 Year 1 Calendar

All scholars are expected to participate in the Fundamentals of Success program activities, which will provide scholars the opportunity to build leadership skills in their STEM field of choice. The program will include a mix of virtual career development workshops, on-demand learning, and live virtual meetings that will feature topical keynote speakers and provide the opportunity to network with other FOSSI scholars in your cohort. The Y1 FoS Program will focus on building communications skills. All Y1 FoS Program activities are outlined in the calendar below.  

July 2021    

  • Welcome Event FOSSI Scholars   

September 2021    

  • Pre Program Survey Due   
  • Connect with Sponsor Mentor    

October 2021    

  • Y1 Scholars Virtual Kick-Off & Career Discovery Workshop    

November 2021  

  • Webinar: Teach the Geek to Speak  

January 2022    

  • Y1 Scholars Virtual Meeting - Sustainability    
  • Webinar: Working Across Distances: The Challenge of Global Teams  

March 2022  

  •  Webinar: Polishing Your Technical Communication Skills

April 2022  

  • Y1 Scholars Virtual Meeting - Communication
  •  End of Year 1 Survey Due

May 2022    

  • Connect with Sponsor Mentor