FOSSI | Keeping up With 2021 FOSSI Scholar, Darrion McKinney

Keeping up With 2021 FOSSI Scholar, Darrion McKinney

May 1, 2023

FOSSI: Could you share a few highlights about your first few semesters at North Carolina A&T State University?

I am so proud to be attending such a prestigious university and to know that I am a part of a university that is nationally recognized for excellence in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) education. It's empowering to know that I will share a similar legacy of some of the country's greatest trailblazers and civil right activists, astronauts, professional athletes, radio personalities, and amazingly gifted actors and actresses. It’s a privilege and an honor to go to North Carolina A&T State University to study engineering at the top research university and one of the largest engineering schools and HBCUs in the country.

FOSSI: Has anything surprised you about college life so far?

Nothing has surprised me about college life so far. I have family and friends who went to A&T and they provided me with great details about the school, campus life and things I could expect. 

FOSSI: How has the FOSSI Scholarship impacted your experience at North Carolina A&T State University?

FOSSI has opened doors for me, and I am most appreciative. Being a FOSSI scholarship recipient allows me to focus on my studies and my future instead of how I am going to pay for college. This scholarship is a tremendous blessing and shows me that I can change social statistics. I can change the way society views young black men. All of us are not drug dealers, gang members, unemployed, nor have a criminal record. Some of us are rare black excellence. With FOSSI, I am among many intelligent young African American scholars. 

FOSSI helps me to believe that I am worthy, and I deserve to be here. 

FOSSI: How are your studies going – what are the biggest challenges and what do you like most?

My studies are going exceptionally well. I do not take this opportunity lightly. I work extremely hard to maintain a 3.6+ GPA, and I won’t stop until I’m proud. I’m a part of a legacy and if I make myself proud, then my parents, extended family, professors, church, and local community, will also be proud of me.

FOSSI: What extra-curricular activities are you enjoying on campus?

I have been inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta, an honor society, as I have maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher since I joined the university. I am also interested in pledging for a fraternity within the next month or so.

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