FOSSI | Meet Brian Ibezim: 2022 FOSSI Scholar Attending Tennessee State University

Meet Brian Ibezim: 2022 FOSSI Scholar Attending Tennessee State University

November 14, 2022

FOSSI: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello guys, my name is Brian Ibezim and I am 17 years old with 4 siblings. We were all born in Tennessee and both of my parents were born in Anambra State in Nigeria. They moved to the U.S. to give us better opportunities in life because the conditions in Nigeria are extremely rash and still seem to be unstable as inflation dominates the economy.

As a kid, my parents made me study a lot and always encouraged me to do my best. As a result, I became involved in various clubs, such as DECA, Robotics, and NHS. As a child, I was also very protected. I didn't go to many parties, but I did enjoy playing sports with my siblings and I usually spent most of my free time watching Dragon Ball Z.

Without my parents being there for me, I probably wouldn't be as happy as I am today or generally wouldn't have the grit to do the smaller things that make a bigger impact on a daily basis.

FOSSI: Why are you passionate about pursuing a degree in a STEM-related field?

Of course, money is an important reason I am pursuing a degree in a STEM field but there is more to the STEM field than money. Without STEM, there would generally be no technology advancements, and I feel like our lives would be way more underwhelming if we didn't have such advanced technology. That's why I really wanted to venture into this field, to know more about how engineers and others in STEM-related fields make these crazy advancements and to understand what's really behind advanced techology like monitors and TV's. This field will show me how all of this works and it will surely be exhilarating when I do figure out how advanced technology is made.

FOSSI: Why is receiving the FOSSI scholarship important for you?

Thank you to all the FOSSI corporate supporters and of course, the founding members of this program. When I first heard the news, my life immediately changed; I was so happy I couldn't even speak for a minute straight. I was dancing, jumping, and enjoying life.

This scholarship is tremendously important for me because I won't have to work while attending college, and I can fully focus on my school work and obtaining my degree.  Finally, my parents won't have have to worry about helping me pay school fees. Also, this scholarship will make me take school even more seriously as I will strive to get a 4.0 GPA and participate in extracurricular activities and various clubs around campus.

FOSSI: Who is a role model that has influenced you?

My brother Michael Ibezim, my biggest role model, has heavily impacted my life and influenced me on several accounts throughout my life. Not only is he a role model, he resonates with me on a sentimental level because he also majored in the STEM field and showed me how fun this field can be. Not only are we both majoring in the STEM field, but we have various common hobbies such as playing soccer, basketball, learning technology, and meditating.

He would always help me become better at whatever I chose to  do and he continues to support any decisions I make throughout my life. His impact on my life is unexplainable because he has done so much for me during my 17 years of living.

Fast forward – where do you see yourself in ten years?

Since I will be 27 in the next 10 years, I honestly see myself married with a family of 3. I will more than likely be finished with my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and either having a job or continuing college for my master's degree.

FOSSI: Share a few fun facts about yourself.

I like to do various fun things in my free time such as playing and watching sports, coding, and enjoying nature.