FOSSI | Meet Jalon Duncan: 2021 FOSSI Scholar Attending Fisk University

Meet Jalon Duncan: 2021 FOSSI Scholar Attending Fisk University

July 21, 2021

FOSSI: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a hard working, motivated, and highly analytical future mechanical engineering student with a passion for playing basketball and building robotics.  I live with my parents and two younger brothers, Jordan and Jason, just outside of Houston, TX.  I graduated from Waller High school as a two-time All-District basketball player, and I will continue along that path as a student athlete at Fisk University.

FOSSI: Why are you passionate about pursuing a degree in a STEM-related field?

I plan on using my STEM degree to help people through the creation of my own youth non-profit (a 501C3 that will also involve sports). Throughout my childhood, I was raised to believe that science and mathematics are the foundation of everyday living, and I want to tutor up-and-coming kids and help them see why a STEM degree is so helpful  — not only for the companies they would work for but also in their everyday lives.

FOSSI: Share a few fun facts about yourself.

  • I will be the first person in my family to go to college out of state.
  • All of my brothers and I share the same initials as my dad and grandfather (JRD).
  • I never use metal silverware (only plastic spoons and forks).
  • I have built my own bluetooth radios.